Altawest is an industrial group, acting as a technology developer, an OEM and Services provider for the environment and energy markets.

Our services

Drawing on highly qualified and experienced teams, on its engineering capacities as an OEM and on high-performance industrial facilities, the Altawest Group maintains and optimises energy generation and conversion facilities during their whole lifecycle.

For us, responsiveness and customer proximity are key: we pay a special attention to operational constraints such as availability, energy efficiency and global operating costs (OPEX) and capital expenditures (CAPEX) optimisation.

Fields of intervention

Consulting and expertise
inspections, diagnoses,
lifecycle assessment

Reconstruction, retrofit, transformation,
Performance optimisation

Maintenance works
Spare parts
Fortuitous incidents interventions

On-site services
Operation support
Budget optimisation

Through the combination of JEUMONT Electric and its branch companies in France, Germany, Middle-East, India and Brazil, of Leroux & Lotz Technologies and subsidiaries in France, Poland and Sweden, and of Inova and subsidiaries, Altawest has the ability to operate on the main equipments of energy generation facilities: boilers and combustion systems, turbines, generators, electrical drives and motors, flue gas treatment systems, instrumentation and control.

The skills and know-hows of the Altawest companies are dedicated to a broad range of industries and industrial equipments:

  • Nuclear, thermal, Diesel power stations
  • Hydropower stations
  • CHP plants
  • Waste-to-Energy plants
  • Refineries, petrochemicals and chemicals facilities
  • Steel plants
  • Paper mills
  • Food industry factories
  • Naval and civil ships