Altawest is an industrial group, acting as a technology developer, an OEM and Services provider for the environment and energy markets.

HR Policy

The Altawest Group success and growth are built on making the most of the talents and skills of the 1,200 men and women who display their entrepreneurial spirit within the Group.

The Altawest Human Resources policy supports its employees’ career aspirations and skill development during their professional lifecycle. Joining the Altawest Group means participating in an industrial adventure, teaming up with high level professionals, making further progress in a stimulating environment which rewards excellence and innovation.

The Altawest Group is home to many technology experts, engineers, technicians, project managers and sales professionals. Staffing also involves support functions such as legal, finance, HR or quality: they all contribute to our vitality and performance.


We value background, experience and skills. We pay a close attention to the positive and dynamic mindset of our future employees.


Every Altawest subsidiary develops its proper integration pathway. This can be complemented by group-level integration actions. Inside subsidiaries, career progression of our employees is monitored and the annual review is a key moment to exchange on each employee’s projects.


Within the Altawest Group as well as each of our subsidiaries, a Mobility Committee meets periodically to facilitate vertical or lateral career moves. The diversity of professional fields and careers in the Group encourages the development of gateways between them.


We invest in developing our employees. We provide our employees growth opportunities, knowledge upgrade tools and training and ongoing professional development. Training allows each Altawest employee to take an active role in personal development and map out a career path within the Group.


Diversity of origin and background among our employees is our wealth. As a company, we believe it is one of the cornerstones of our ability to innovate and of our performance.


Embracing our values fosters a corporate culture where employees understand their individual and collective responsibility:

  • Faith in people and in the future
  • Openness and imagination
  • Professionalism
  • Positive thinking and win-win culture
  • Integrity