Altawest is an industrial group, acting as a technology developer, an OEM and Services provider for the environment and energy markets.


Biomass encompasses a wide range of fuels: wood chips, forest residues, pellets, short rotation coppice, agricultural waste, organic residues and sludge, wood waste.


Leroux & Lotz Technologies offers a broad array of technologies suitable to process all biomass kinds into energy generation:

  • Rotary or vibrating stepped grate
  • Bubbling or circulating fluidised-bed combustion or coal-biomass co-firing
  • Multifuel burners for biomass and fossil fuels
  • Gasification

Our technologies allow for enhanced adaptation to every fuel mix, be it standardised or evolutionary, and to every project, new-build or fuel-changeover operations.

Leroux & Lotz Technologies and Inova propose a full range of solutions from boiler islands up to turnkey plants, including fuel preparation and network connection.

Leroux & Lotz Technologies and Inova can operate together or separately on facility construction or retrofitting projects.

Waste recovery

Altawest manages a complete range of know-how and a broad offer of equipments for waste recovery:

  • Turnkey construction of waste-to-energy plants (Inova)
  • Recovery boilers for municipal solid waste (MSW) and refused-derived fuels (RDF) (Leroux & Lotz Technologies)
  • Full plant turnkey revamping (Inova) or combustion equipment retrofitting (Leroux & Lotz Technologies)
  • Waste-to-energy plants, CHP plants O&M (Inova Opérations and Inova Énergie)
  • Used oils recycling facilities (Leroux & Lotz Technologies)

Waste-to-energy is Inova’s core business. Inova is the leading player in France on the design and construction of WTE plants markets as well as for complex revamping projects safeguarding continuity of operations.

Leroux & Lotz Technologies and Inova can operate together or separately on facility construction or retrofitting projects.

Leroux & Lotz Technologies offers turnkey integrated solutions for used oils regeneration: the implementation of the RegOil process, acquired under licence from Sotulub, allows for safe and environmentally-friendly treatment of recovered oil: this material recovery produces marketable recycled oil.

Air Pollution Control

Clean and safe energy generation requires energy producers to comply with enforced regulations and to anticipate regulatory developments. The Altawest Group solutions are based on Best Available Techniques (BAT) to guarantee emission reduction and residue minimisation.

Altawest companies market a full range of modular solutions, abiding to the strictest regulations and requirements:

  • Combustion and gasification technologies which limit the creation of flue gases and emissions at combustion stage (Leroux & Lotz Technologies)
  • CO2 capture facilities (Leroux & Lotz Technologies)

The Altawest companies operate both for new-build projects and for existing facilities upgrade and compliance works.

Pumps, irrigation, desalination

JEUMONT Electric supplies the water treatment industry with converter-drives and engines:

  • Pumped-storage stations and irrigation facilities
  • Pumping turbines
  • Reverse osmosis desalination