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Altawest endorses Fondation Énergies pour le Monde

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For its 10 year anniversary, Altawest supports Fondation Énergies pour le Monde.

For its 10 year anniversary, Altawest committed itself to support Fondation Énergies pour le Monde, through a contribution to its BOREALE project.

The BOREALE project will provide electricity supply to seven rural communities in Southern Madagascar, through renewable energy technologies. The construction of 7 to 12 kWc solar PV power plants in the Androy and Anosy regions will give reliable and sustainable access to power to 900 subscribers. Through green electricity generation, about 6,000 direct beneficiaries and 20,000 indirect beneficiaries will enjoy better home comfort and improved health conditions, as well as access to newly developed activities.

Created in 1990, Fondation Énergies pour le Monde carries out rural electrification projects with a recognized know-how and through a spirit of partnership and long-term support to local populations. In the last 25 years, it has executed over 30 projects in 28 different countries (Africa, Asia, South America, Caucasus, Caribbean), which allowed 1 million people to have access to electricity and benefit from its domestic, economical and social uses.

The Altawest group is delighted to support the efforts of Fondation Énergies pour le Monde for the development of environmentally friendly energy generation aimed at populations with no access to electricity.

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